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soup and Cream of Mushroom soup cheap Michael Kors handbags to make Cream of Chicken and Mushroom soup? Is she in charge of Michael Kors issuing a fart warning label for Bean With Bacon? Ooh! Ooh! She should get Kate Gosselin to shill for them it would be Kate Plus V8! Get it? Can I have her job? Anyway, the challenge is to create a signature red cheap Michael Kors handbags dress for the Campbell’s Dress Your Heart program. The rules are: red must be prominent and the Campbell’s branding (read: fabric with the company’s logo printed on it) must be included. The Tim introduces the models: women michael kors outlet who have been impacted by heart disease. and who are about to Michael Kors Handbags be forced to appear on national television wearing dresses made out of Campbell’s logos. I mean, I’m all for fighting heart disease, but isn’t red good enough? What’s next week’s challenge, cancer survivors cheap michael kors and FedEx labels? Anyway, the winning look will be worn by the winning designer’s model to the Dress Your Heart event during Fashion Week, and will also be sold online to benefit the American Heart Association. Which basically
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